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Welcome to my website…

I completed my PhD at the University of Sheffield in July 2002, looking at deaf children’s social-cognitive development.

Lots of colleagues and interested parties often ask me about my research work, to which I thought it would be best to share via my website with my publications and interests. It is my belief that exposure to conversations are imperative to children’s development.

I have also included some of the presentations I have made. These are not only my academic studies, they include some past political talks with respect to Deaf people and British Sign Language.

I was the Deputy Director for Children, Young People and Partnerships at the National Deaf Children’s Society (2007-2018).

I was a Vice Chair and a trustee of the Royal Association for Deaf People, www.royaldeaf.org.uk for 18months until November 2015.

I have been a trustee of SIGNHEALTH, the charity for deaf people with mental health and enjoyed this role very much (www.signhealth.org.uk). I have also been a trustee of the British Deaf Association (www.bda.org.uk) and was the secretary of the Deaf Professionals Network some years ago. I was a foster carer for deaf children on a respite basis.

You can email me on twoolfe@gmail.com for any enquiries you may have.