Past Presentations

6th December 2001
NOWCORD, North West Consortium of Researchers in Deafness
15th December2001
Deaf Child and Family Team, Hightrees, South West and St George’s Hospital, London
11th April 2001
Healthy Deaf Minds, British Society of Mental Health and Deafness
14th July 2002 Deafhood, Royal Association of the Deaf and City University
10th October 2001
Birmingham, European Year of Languages Conference, Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (CILT)
13th November 2003 Research Methodology in Deaf Studies (REMEDES) PhD research into Deaf Issues
13th December 2003 Disability Capital conference: Moving towards equality for Disabled and Deaf Londoners Deaf Signers in London
June 2003 NDCS Annual Conference & Exhibition, Telford International Centre “Challenging Childhood Deafness”
12-16th February 2004 On Line, Supporting Deaf People Conference 2004 Keynote: Employment and D/deaf people – are we moving in the right direction?
7th December 2005 RAD Every Deaf Youth Matters Conference Every Deaf Youth Matters
14th January 2006 ANZED (Australia and New Zealand Educators of the Deaf) Conference, Rotorua, NZ “Deaf people from Education to Employment”
July 22nd 2006 BDA Conference, Nottingham – “A Stronger Sign Community” “Employment Trends: Creating the Deaf Pound and Threatening the Sign Language Community”